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Passenger Tracking Tool

We are able to facilitate a traveller tracking system to assist in the management of your duty of care to your employees, using systems our own internal system eLocate and systems available to us through the Traveller Tracking Service offered through our partnerships with the Anvil Group and International SOS. Our aim is to provide the best available support to travellers before departure, and to enable you to advise or direct travellers during a travel-related disruption to their planned travel arrangements.

A core part of the service is the provision of travel information via the Anvil Group’s Travel Risk Intelligence Service (TRIS). This offers two levels of destination information. Basic information such as weather, local time zones and subway maps is available via a link provided on our itineraries. More in-depth destination information including local transportation options, embassy contact details, hospitals, customs and traditions is also available.

If we become aware that a traveller’s itinerary has been disrupted (for whatever reason), we can source an alternative route/means of travel and advise them accordingly.

Similarly, if it becomes necessary to contact an individual or group of travellers, as a result of emergency, abnormal travel conditions and the like, SMS/text messages and emails can be generated from the Anvil system. This gives you the ability to offer clear instructions as to what action your travellers should take, whether it is to contact yourself, contact Munro’s, or await further instructions or any other directive.

In addition to the service provided by the Anvil Group, we are able to work with other third parties, such as International SOS. In this way Munro’s are able to customise a system that enables you to formulate alert profiles by location and incident category in relation to:

  • Aviation incidents, including crashes, hijacking, delays, cancellations and airport shutdowns;
  • Disease and pandemic outbreaks;
  • Rail accidents, delays and disruptions;
  • Road closures, accidents and disruptions;
  • Terror alerts

The traveller tracking system combines the reporting of pre- and mid-travel activity with the added facility of an archive travel record search. Each time a reservation is confirmed, our Amadeus system creates a unique booking identifier which is automatically stored to provide a real time overview of travellers and their locations.

Further information, such as the full itinerary and emergency contact details, can also be viewed via a secure login system to enable authorised personnel to view the location of all travellers and assist them in the event of an emergency.

For further information please contact sales@munrostravel.com