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Cost Saving Initiatives

Lowest Fare

Using the fare searching capabilities of the GDS we source the best available itinerary for the journey and once the best routing has been established our Travel Consultants then look for opportunities for creative ticketing such as the use of split tickets. Splitting tickets involves breaking the journey down into individual tickets to check if a lower fare can be obtained. This option is commonly explored in itineraries with 4 sectors or more and when multiple airlines are involved.

To ensure the best fare is sourced until the date of departure, we have an in-house process that will continue to monitor for cheaper equivalent lower fares becoming available prior to departure. If a lower fare was to become available then Munro’s will follow your travel policy to determine how these cancellations and rebooking’s are handled.

To ensure we are competitive with the internet we will guarantee to match a fare on a like for like basis to any airline site directly, this does not include any metasearch engines that do not sell the flight directly.

Travel Policy

Any effective travel programme starts with a formal travel policy. A travel policy that is clear will guide travellers to desired behaviours. A policy is not static and evolves with each company, economic conditions and changes in the travel industry. Important savings can be realised by reviewing cabin usage, restricting access to higher cabin classes based on traveller profile or increased minimum trip duration. Maintaining an effective policy and enforcing it is the most efficient way to increase saving levels.

Online Booking Tool

Introducing an online booking solution and increasing online adoption decreases processing costs, reduces errors and the visual guilt of travellers being responsible for making a travel reservation will increase. Your Account Manager has the knowledge to proactively work with you to increase your online adoption relevant to your business mix and traveller behaviour.

Advance Purchase

One of the areas often neglected in corporate travel is the savings that can be obtained by avoiding making last minute reservations. Your Account Manager can provide you with the reports which give you an insight into the possible savings achieved through advance purchasing and will discuss this with you.