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Management Information Tool

We understand that Management Reporting is an essential element for understanding fully all areas of your travel expenditure, for benchmarking existing supplier agreements and for identifying new opportunities.

As such your Account Manager will support you to get the most out of your management reports and can tailor these to meet your specific requirements. Through our technology we have access to over 50 drillable report templates all of which can be tailor made to your specific requirements.

The interactive dashboard will help you monitor travel spend trends and key performance indicators such as compliance rate and online adoption rates. These reports can also help you understand the roots of possible policy deviations and will identify for you new saving potentials as well as being able to measure your travel carbon footprint.

All reports can be viewed within our online portal giving you the facility to analyse the overall costs and performance against SLA. 

Our online reporting tool, MunrosMI offers a series of Traveller and Booking Behaviour reports which include the above mentioned requirements, but are not limited to:

  • Advanced Purchase Analysis - Analyses the advanced purchase trends for all booking types and allows any recipient of the report to access a list of bookers, passengers and their associated bookings that have been made in defined periods in advance of travel. The booking periods are configurable.
  •  Top Origins, Top Destinations and Top City Pairs - Allows a recipient of the report to analyse all expenditure and bookings made to, from and between cities, countries and continents. This also provides Total Spend per City / Region, Total Number of Bookings per City / Region, Average Spend per City / Region, Percentage of Overall Spend that each City / Region relates to.
  • Top Travellers and Top Bookers - Details the booking volumes, trends and overall spend or bookings associated to each booker and traveller.
  • Class of Travel Analysis - Details the classes of Travel booked for all Air and Rail reservations whilst allowing a recipient to view all bookings associated to each class of service.
  • Hotel Bed Night Analysis - Allows a recipient to analyse Hotel Expenditure & Bookings by City and Property detailing total spend, number of bookings, average spend per stay/night/booking, percentage of overall spend associated to each city or property.
  •  Departmental Analysis - Allows a recipient of a report to view the expenditure, number of bookings and all booking details associated to each department, cost centre or other category defined by the company

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  • Client Cost Centre Sales Savings
  • Monthly Expenditure Analysis
  • Airline Destination Analysis
  • Sales Saving Report
  • Destination Summary
  • Carrier Summary