Business Travel

We recognise that the provision of a travel management service is so much more than simply booking flights, hotels and car hire, or indeed in providing the wide range of ancillary services that are regularly requested by clients in the energy sector. The service we provide requires a relationship that is built on mutual trust and respect, professionalism, confidentiality and quality.

Our clients need access to the most beneficial rates for core services from suppliers on a world-wide basis. Our preferred supplier agreements include negotiated, marine and offshore workers' airfares which offer significant cost savings and added value.

We can actively negotiate specific preferential rates on behalf of our clients where a significant spend or market share is identified. Our partnership alliance with American Express also increases our buying power in this regard, but our independence means that we are accountable only to you, our client. We act in your best interest at all times.

Our aim is to reduce your travel spend by ensuring that the most cost-effective airfares are offered with alternative routings where appropriate, subject to your operational requirements.

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