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Norwegian Government to begin easing some COVID-19 restrictions on 16 April

Norwegian Government to begin easing some COVID-19 restrictions on 16 April

From media reports: The Local reported that the Norwegian government will begin gradually easing COVID-19 restrictions later this week.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg said at a government press conference that phase one of Norway's reopening plan will begin on 16 April.

"We are launching the reopening of large parts of Norway this week," Solberg said at a briefing.

The Nordic country tightened restrictions in late March, including banning the sale of alcohol at restaurants and bars, in response to a surge in cases driven by more contagious COVID-19 variants.

Stage 1 of the reopening plan means the ban of alcohol being consumed in hospitality settings will be lifted and people may have a maximum of five guests at their home.

  Some of the requirements and recommendations that will be in place when stage 1 is introduced on 16 April include:

  • Recommended social distancing is reduced from two to one metres.
  • People should continue to limit social contact. The government encourages people to meet outdoors and not have more than five guests at home. If all the guests are from the same household, you can have several guests, but it must be possible to keep a sufficient distance.
  • Alcohol may be served until 10 p.m. as part of food orders.
  • At private gatherings outside one’s own home, for example in rented or borrowed premises, ten people are allowed indoors. Outdoors, up to 20 people are allowed.
  • Public events can gather up to 100 people indoors when everyone in the audience is sitting in fixed, designated places.
  • The government advises against unnecessary domestic travel.
  • The government also maintains its advice to avoid travel abroad unless the trip is strictly necessary.


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